Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

It's a little hard to feel like Halloween when the weather is still sunny and in the 90s. So in an effort to bring on the fall like feeling we headed to a pumpkin patch.

Summer was a little afraid of the ponies, could care less about the chickens and the pigs, yet the ostrich she loved! I could not get her to take her eyes off him for a second. The rest of the animals were so kind and gentle yet this guy kept trying to peck us. Silly girl, she still loved him the most!


  1. Yaay for new posts :) summer is adorable (and I see that you ordered some of those hairflowers, cute!!)

    We need to get together sometime, I know its far and life gets busy but maybe we could meet in the middle for lunch or something sometime :)

  2. Hey Brittany, I found your blog! Super cute pictures. I would love to trade you some of that sunshine for this freezing cold! :) How's it going??